Washburn is home to the Washburn Elementary School and Washburn High School.

To provide a quality education addressing the academic, physical, social and emotional well-being of each student


Washburn Public School is a quality, interactive system for children and parents alike operating on a standards-based curriculum. A superintendent and two principals head up the school's administration, under the direction of an elected school board. All grades are located at one central facility, providing children the opportunities to learn, develop friendships and participate in many extracurricular activities. An outdoor learning center, located near the school is used for more hands-on learning. Junior High and high school students are able to take a diverse range of classes to prepare them for a solid college education.

350 students are enrolled in grades preschool -12. Class sizes are small enough so students receive adequate teacher interaction on a personal level. Educational opportunities have been expanded at Washburn High School to include ITV classes which offer foreign languages, advanced math and sciences, art classes and college level courses for students as well as the community.

A well-rounded mix of extracurricular activities gives students a greater chance to develop individually. Washburn High School has cross country, football, basketball, track and field, baseball volleyball and dance. A strong music and drama department help students broaden their speaking and musical skills. Washburn Junior High School also offers a wide variety of sports and musical activities. Both high school and junior high students can participate in school sponsored FFA, FCCLA, and Student Council activities, which are a strong part of student growth.

To get more information about the school system, please call, (701) 462-3221.

You call also access their website at Washburn Public Schools. 

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