Ambulance Squad

The Washburn Ambulance Service is located at 917 Main Avenue and is a primarily volunteer staffed ambulance service that provides pre-hospital care to Washburn and the surrounding area served by the Ambulance District. It is made up of CPR trained drivers, CPR trained assistants, EMTs, RNs and a Paramedic. There are other volunteers that provide other supportive services to the Service. The Service is well trained and efficient. The Ambulance Service also provides CPR training to the community.

Please call 462-8431 if you are interested in joining the Ambulance Service or if you need CPR training.

Monthly meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month. The business meeting starts at 7pm with a training session that follows. Stop in at a meeting to get to know the members and see if you may be interested in joining us!


If you are witnessing a crime in progress or are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.



2 EMT Vehicles

Washburn Ambulance Service