Meet Our City Commission & Employees

The City of Washburn is governed by a five-person elected commission led by a president. The Commission oversees various boards and employees, including the Planning and Zoning Board and the Forestry Board. The City Commission meets the second Monday of each month at the City Hall, 907 Main Avenue . The meetings are open to the public. The following information can be found at City Hall:

  • Building Permits: residence, garage, fence, deck, shed.  There is a 3 day waiting period, please plan accordingly.  
  • Moving Permits: all structures moved into or within the City
  • Demolition Permits: all structures within the City
  • Construction of curbs, gutters, sidewalks and driveway aprons
  • Placement of mailboxes and signs
  • Water, sewer and garbage services
  • Zoning, easements, setback requirements, variances and property upkeep
  • Residential or Commercial Water Bills
  • Residential or Commercial Garbage Bills
  • Dog or Cat Licenses, $5.00 per animal
  • Notary services available
Larry Thomas (President of Commission)
Washburn City Streets, Sales & Use Tax, Planning & Zoning
Keith Jacobson (Commissioner)
Vice President, Water & Sewer, Human Resources, WAEDA
Reese Boehm (Commissioner)
Building & Grounds, Library, Airport Authority
Kit Baumann (Commissioner)
Fire & Police Protection and Forestry
Noelle Kroll ((Commissioner))
Human Resources, County Planning & Zoning
Joan Zimmerman (City Auditor)
Sharon Hendrikson (Deputy Auditor)
Bryan Rothmann (Superintendent)
Public Works
Adam Thomas
Public Works
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