Housing Incentives

The City of Washburn offers housing incentives to new residents who are having a home built, purchasing or moving a home in on a permanent foundation on personally owned property, within the City of Washburn and the surrounding five mile radius of the City. The house has to be of permanent construction, meeting all Federal Housing Authority (FHA) standards and must be the primary residence of the purchaser.  All applications for housing incentives are subject to the approval of the Washburn Area Economic Development Association Board of Directors.  

Why should you move to Washburn?

The excellent quality of life in Washburn is why people choose to live here. Many things contribute to our quality of life including the excellent school system and health care facilities, affordable housing, churches, good job opportunities and numerous recreational opportunities.
Citizens and visitors alike often talk about the cleanliness of the town and the beautiful landscape along the Missouri River which add to the overall enhancement of the community. Washburn also experiences a very low crime rate which allows our children to go up in a safe and comfortable environment.

All of these things add to the lifestyle of Washburn's residents and we invite you to experience these intangibles for yourself.

For more information on the New Resident Housing Incentive program or to receive an application, please contact Tana Larsen, Washburn Area Economic Development Association, at 701-462-3801 or email her at tlarsen@waedand.com.


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